Tin Tức

Calgary Fundraising Event for Syrian Refugee

Calgary’s young Vietnamese ‘pay it forward’ to Syrians The story they are watching unfold is one they know all too well. Before millions of Syrians fled their country, the South Vietnamese journeyed in overburdened vessels teeming with humanity. Many came to North America and settled in several Canadian cities, including Calgary and Edmonton, where they were sponsored and encouraged to …

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Project 4000: An Interview With Brian Buckley

“We’ll take the other 4000.” Brian Buckley is a former member of Canada’s foreign service, a professor, and author of “Gift of Freedom: How Ottawa Welcomed the Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian Refugees”. Listen as he describes a “luminous summer in Ottawa”. In the spring of 1979, as desperate refugees fled persecution and chaos in Southeast Asia, Canada’s capital city and …

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